World Health Organization : The Walk Home

The Walk Home promotes the World Health Organization's air pollution initiative, illustrating the threat it poses to children around the world. This piece was cowritten with violinist, cellist, and composer Christine Wu.

Vic Firth : Live To Play

Live To Play is a short brand film by Vic Firth and Villa House. We interviewed drummers of many backgrounds and experience levels to capture the core ethos of drumming.

Bill & Jeannie

Bill and Jeannie is a web series by my dear friend Alex Cline, whose credits include Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, Bojack Horsemen, and Regular Show. Each short is a heartfelt tribute to the melodrama of suburbia.

Tom Wants To Die (Short Film)

Tom Wants To Die is a film by Robby Salisbury and Hayden Mason that follows an immortal man's suicidal quest through the ages.

EDGO Surfboards (Brand Film)

Edgard Gomes is a surfboard designer from Rio de Janeiro who creates high quality surfboards under the EDGO name.